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Look what happens…

March 23, 2009

Do you remember my post a few weeks ago about the global food crisis? I got a report back about the outcome of that effort… and guys?

It was a massive success!


Here is the scoop:

“On March 11th almost 500 bloggers and almost 1,000 radio stations partnered with Compassion International to raise awareness and funds to benefit those currently affected by the global food crisis. The one day event was dubbed Global Food Crisis Day and it was a success due in no small part to you.

Compassion International’s financial goal for Global Food Crisis Day was to raise $1 million. Instead, over 27,000 donors gave more than $3.1 million! And the number continues to grow as donations continue to be processed!
In addition to donations to Compassion International’s Global Food Crisis Fund, more than 2,000 children were also sponsored as a result of the many radio broadcasts and inspiring words on-line.

“On behalf of all the children and their families around the world who will be blessed by these funds, ‘thank you.’ With the cost of many food staples doubling and tripling in value, you have truly answered a huge need for many.” – Mark Hanlon, senior vice president for Compassion International-USA”

I’m so proud and pleased that the online community spoke up on behalf of families living in poverty….and humbled at the amount of change that can come from a small effort.

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