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In Search of My Cool Points

March 30, 2009

Hey friends! Do you remember on Friday when I wrote and asked what the hubby and I should do for our date-night?

Nobody gave me any ideas so I was forced to come up with an innovative plan of my own. Those who know me well may realize that this could spell trouble! We did go to dinner and had a wonderful time. I had a yummy rib eye steak and hubs had the seafood pasta. After dinner we decided to walk around the mall since it was raining flooding outside and the restaurant we went to was at the mall anyway. This is the point where the story gets a little more interesting!

So….we are walking through the mall and looking at random mall stuff. I wondered over to one of the cute little kiosks  in the middle of the mall that was selling jewelry. I’m looking at all the cute silver jewelry when I spotted a display of nose jewelry (hoops, studs etc). Most people would have looked and moved on,but not me!

A little bit of back-story here: I’ve secretly wanted to get my nose pierced for about 2 years but just never followed through with it.

Back to the mall:  I’m looking at the cute nose jewelry when I got the bright idea….since we don’t have anything better to do, why not get my nose pierced? I ran it by hubby and to my surprise,  he gave it the thumbs up (He rocks). So, off we went searching through the mall for somebody to do it.  No luck.  Apparently, they don’t do “body piercing” at the mall. Who knew? You have to go to a tattoo or body piercing shop. Alrighty then….sign me up!

For the most part, once I make up my mind about something, I’m not easily swayed. I had a plan and wasn’t about to be talked out of it so we hustled off to Starbucks to make some phone calls. As luck would have it there was a tattoo place only 2 miles away and their “piercer” was on duty. With that piece of information we headed back out into the rain to find “Rock and Roll Tattoos” which my husband was thrilled about because they answer the phone “Rock and Roll…how may I help you?” And seriously?….That might just be the best phone greeting ever according to him. I distinctly remember him saying he might change careers just so he could answer the phone “Rock and Roll!”

We finally found the place and headed in…I’ve been in a few tattoo shops that looked a little scary but this one was pretty nice.  Fred the piercer (I think his name was just Fred, but Fred the piercer sounds cooler for the story)  was very nice with lots of interesting little piercings to display. I wonder if it’s a requirement of the job? Once I had made my decision I filled out some forms and we were on our way.

He had me sit in a big black chair that leaned back and then marked the spot where the stud would go. I asked him how the piercing was done and he showed me the large needle that he would be using (sterile of course). I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I got a little anxious at that point! I had a few second thoughts, but, I gave birth to two of the biggest babies you’ve ever seen so a little huge needle is not a big deal right? That’s what I told myself anyway.

Here’s where the fun starts….Fred the piercer (I just enjoy calling him that now)  leans me back and tells me to take a deep breath in. I clenched my fists and took that deep breath (with my eyes closed) and then in the words of my husband, Fred “jabbed the needle right through your nose” In all honesty, I didn’t feel like it was jabbed…but it did pinch for sure! It hurt, but not an unbearable hurt. The weird part was that it made my eyes water A LOT. It totally looked like I was crying which I guess is pretty common.

Once the needle was through Fred used some little tweezer things to get the ring in and bend the end so it wouldn’t fall out. I couldn’t see this process but hubby was there with his camera taking pictures. The whole thing probably took less than 5 min. and when all was said and done I was the proud owner of a little sparkly nose ring!

It’s taken me a few days to get used to it – every time I walk by a mirror I do a little bit of a double take. I don’t know if I’ll keep it forever, but for now I really like it. It’s fun and funky and lets be honest….at 36 I need all the cool points I can get! I don’t want to get old and stuffy and forget that I have a fun side…and it’s definitely been fun to see people’s reaction!

So there you have it. I didn’t have much of a plan for date night but it turned out just fine. Truth be told, if I had the money I may have ended up with a tattoo as well…but that’s a story for a different day!

I bet you want to see proof right? Alright then…here you go:


Too bad I didn’t get a picture with Fred…that would have been fun! And before you judge my hair…keep in mind all the rain as well as the fact that it was late. Also, I do believe if you look closely you can see Fred’s handprint on my forehead since he seems to have needed to use a wee bit of “force” to get that needle through. Awesome.

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