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Idol Thoughts…

April 1, 2009


Tonight was good, but not one of my favorite nights. There were some high points and low points…Starting with:

Anoop –  I have to say, I was not feeling Anoop doing Usher AT ALL. It just seemed weird. The facial expressions, the dancing – none of it came across as natural. After the last two weeks I was disappointed.

Meagan – What is UP with that girl? She picks the most random and obscure songs to sing and IMHO they all sound just weird. I think she should go. Period.

Danny – Let’s be honest here….the man can sing anything and make it sound good. I loved him doing Rascal Flatts. Well done!

Allison – Ok, that was one of the strangest outfits ever. Not attractive and it looked like something out of a 1985 music video. I thought she sounded ok but it wasn’t her best at all. No doubt that girl has some pipes, but her sound isn’t really my thing. I’d love to see her with some natural looking color in her hair though!

Scott – I may be slammed for saying this…but I’m convinced if it wasn’t for Scott being blind he wouldn’t have made it this far. He has a nice voice, but not a memorable one. I think people have voted for him because a blind contestant on idol is interesting and they want to see how he does. He’s sweet, but I don’t think he will stay around much longer.

Matt – Maybe something is wrong with me because this was the first time I’ve really liked Matt. I thought his song sounded great and I totally disagreed with the judges. Weird….and I wonder what will happen tonight.

Lil – Girl….what is going on? Why on earth did she pick a Celine Dion song? I feel like we are not seeing the Lil that caught everyone’s attention anymore. The girl can SING…but her song choices the last few weeks are not doing her any favors.

Adam – Ok….I get it. The guy has AMAZING skills vocally. He can hit notes that are crazy! But….I just don’t get a good feeling when he sings. It feels empty to me. It feels like he’s showing off and I’m never moved by his performances. A true artist moves you with their music on some level and I never get that with him. Plus…the over the top thing is getting a little old for me. Last week was the only week I’ve actually liked him.

Kris – He gets better every week. Honestly, I think he had less chance of succeeding than anyone going into the top 13 because nobody knew who he was. But each time he gets better and better! Plus…he’s just as cute as he can be to boot. Loved everything about his song tonight!

So that’s what I think…what about you? Got an opinion?

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  1. Jill Williams permalink
    April 1, 2009 9:46 am

    I totally agree about Scott… his voice is just okay… nothing too special. I hope that he & Megan are the next two to go.

    I really wish Lil would pick a better song… I’m afraid she’ll be in trouble if she doesn’t pick a good one next week.

    I feel the same way about Adam!!! I can’t deny his mad skills, but I just don’t care for him.

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