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From the Archives: Hit the reset button

April 8, 2009

This post was originally published in March of 2008

Have you ever had the experience where some type of electronic device goes a little bit haywire – where it just stops functioning properly? I have….if you are lucky, and that particular electronic device has a reset button, you can simply press it and everything goes back to the way it should be .

I looked up the definition of Reset – “to set back to the initial state”.  From time to time my  Ipod simply stops functioning properly. Every time that happens, I am able to press a combination of buttons at the same time and like magic, everything works again! It’s amazing..the power of a reset button.

I’ve been in the middle of a season of life for awhile now where it seems like everything   is going a little bit haywire – not functioning the way it was intended to. This morning, during worship I realized that God has in fact made US with a reset button. Worship, drawing near to God – in whatever way you are able, sets your heart and spirit back to it’s intended state. You are back to your “default settings” that God created you with.

For me, worship  has always been my reset. It doesn’t seem to matter what is wrong in my life, if I can get in worship either alone or with a group in corporate worship, everything seems to be put back into perspective and focus. The giants don’t seem quite so big anymore.


What I’m realizing more and more in this season, however, is that I’m limiting God to this one little area.  There are so many different ways that God wants to draw near to me, to us, turn the chaos of our lives off and restore us back to our initial state: the beloved and the lover, the passionate object of God’s limitless affection, children who don’t have to worry about anything because our Father supplies everything we need.

God pursues us relentlessly and we don’t realize it. He gives us the opportunity to give him all of our burdens and cares, to reset our hearts, and walk away changed and refreshed, and we don’t often allow him that close. I wondered to myself this morning…at what point did I stop depending on God for everything and started to focus on just getting through and surviving life? When did I stop coming to God to refocus and re-frame pain or confusion? When did I start to try to do it alone?

I’m trying….I’m learning in new ways how to experience God. How to depend on him, how to let him close, how to let him press the reset button. How about you?

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