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An Easter update…a few days late

April 16, 2009

In my defense, the start of the week was really busy! I should have posted this pictures a few days ago but honestly did not have time.

Our Easter was great. Friday I did all my shopping and we decorated the eggs – always a bunch of fun. 5 kids with brightly colored dye near my beige carpet? What’s not to like?


As an aside…I will not be posting any picture of me during the “egg coloring” extravaganza as I was looking exceptionally pasty and blah that night.  Enough said.

Saturday was a full day of cupcake decorating, food making, flower arranging and clothes ironing with a little enormous bit of egg-stuffing mixed in. We filled almost 200 eggs full of candy for the egg hunt.

Here are the ADORABLE cupcakes I made with the help of Pixie and Boy Wonder….seriously the cutest cupcakes ever!




Couldn’t you just eat them up? Oh wait…..never mind. You get the point..they are cute as can be, and really easy too.

Sunday morning the hubby was off bright and early to lead Easter worship so the kids and I got ready alone with a minimum of drama and even left the house with…are you ready for this? 15 minutes to spare!  That NEVER happens.

Here are my cute kids dressed in their Easter stuff. Pixie was happy about it, Wonder Boy, not so much. He could not WAIT until I let him change into play clothes.


I don’t know if you can tell, but her American Girl doll is wearing a matching dress…seriously cute. $15 at BJ’s Wholesale club for BOTH….can’t beat that and it made her really happy!


And now…the cousin with matching dress and matching doll. Can you say Photo Opp? My sister and I are loving this because we know it won’t last long. I’m pretty sure they won’t be down with it in another few years.



Are these two girls beautiful or is it just me? I seriously love this picture!

Here is one of my hubby with the kids. Oddly enough, we didn’t get a single picture of our entire family.


And lastly…my favorite Easter egg. It’s Easter….Word Up Jesus!


Nothing says lets celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior quite like some slang festooned eggs in brightly colored hues arrayed with stickers…..homey.

And there you have it. Easter was fun, Easter was good, Easter was yummy and Easter was exhausting. Hence, my need to reflect for a few days before posting about it.

Hope yours was great.

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