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Compassion, Karate and Hope…..

April 27, 2009

Compassion International is in India this week with a great group of bloggers. They are there to witness first hand  un-fathomable poverty and the hope that Jesus gives through the churches in that country and the sponsors who choose to give to support these children.

Read what Spence Smith had to say “Even in the heat though, I must say… I’ve been to a lot of projects all over the world with Compassion International and this one was definitely a bright spot in the middle of a dark community. 95% of the people in this area are Hindu and there were just over 300 children in this particular project. Amazing work when you consider Christians make up less than 1% of the population. Christ seems to have a way of reaching every corner of the world here. Even the sweaty ones.”

Can you wrap your mind around that for a moment? 95% of the people in this country are Hindu….talk about feeling isolated! Christians make up less than 1% of the poplulation and yet they are having a HUGE impact. Lives are being changed….it’s absolutley amazing to me.

I’ll leave you with these thoughts from Spence….”

I get to see this work all the time, but today was one more indication that the partnership between Compassion and the Church is working. Not only are lives being changed, but communities are being changed from the inside out.  This is just one of the many reasons to sponsor a child. It’s just the beginning of truly playing a part in the development of children. Without the compassion program in these communities, most of these kids would be destined for the nothingness of drugs, prostitution and the simple concept of no hope… no opportunity. Education and The Word of God  = the chance to break the cycle of poverty in the life of not only a child but the child’s family. It’s an amazing concept so few people understand about the opposite of poverty.

One new thing I saw this time around was a different kind of skill being taught at the project and it was for the girls. They were teaching them Karate! I know… what? Karate? Why? Well… because these communities aren’t that safe for young innocent girls. So just in-case you’re a guy looking for a little trouble to get into with a girl… think twice or you might get what these bricks below had coming to them.”


Do you want to be a hero? Help give Poverty a Karate Chop to the throat and Sponsor a child today….you can do it at

Want to read more? Visit the Compassion Bloggers site here

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