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Mother's day was nice but Monday stunk…

May 12, 2009

Have you ever noticed that the really good days always seem to be followed by crummy days? It’s probably not a scientific theory that would hold up under close scrutiny but I’m sticking by my observation!

I woke up on Mother’s day to a candle lit breakfast made by my Boy Wonder – blueberry waffles (frozen, but good) and sweet homemade cards from the kids. Remember this post a week or so ago about how I cancelled my pedicure appointment because I didn’t want to waste that money on myself? Apparently my hubby wasn’t so much down with that decision and got me a gift certificate to the same spa so I would HAVE to use it on myself….sneaky guy! I love him.

After church I had a delightful lunch out with my Mom and sister – just the girls. I had not been able to spend a Mother’s day with my mom in about 15 years so it was a really nice treat.  We wrapped up the day with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery for dinner and a stroll through Target. My kids were pretty jazzed about the ice cream for dinner idea and hey…I didn’t have to cook anything. Let’s just be honest here, isn’t that the whole point of Mother’s day anyway?  I know…honoring Mothers and blah blah blah, but not cooking or cleaning for a day? Now THAT is what I call a holiday!

So yes, it was a good day. Which, if you paid attention to my theory above, set the stage for Monday. Monday morning was grey, rainy and cold (did I mention that Mother’s day was sunny, warm and beautiful?) Everybody at home was moving slow and sleepy. To top it off my dog seemed to develop a sudden case of the pukies – just as we were walking out the door.


Work was frustrating and everyone seemed short tempered and grumpy. I was snapped at by a co-worker and for some unexplained reason my phone extension was crossed in the directory somehow. Which means, I spent the day fielding calls for the accounting department. Super awesome.

After work I picked up my two kids and my nephews from the bus and brought them home. All 4? Grumpy and bickering. By this time I had developed the mother of all headaches. The topper to my day was realizing that the nose stud I had special ordered 3 weeks ago had arrived and didn’t fit. I even took it to the piercer to have him try to get it in and he said it was too small – it would never work. Big waste of time and money.

When it all wrapped up it wasn’t the worst day I’ve ever had but it certainly wasn’t a good one. I’m hoping that today is a nice relaxed Tuesday!

So to recap:

Mother’s day – great

Monday – crappy

Tuesday – remains to be seen but I’m hopeful!

How was your day?

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  1. Brian Lanich permalink
    May 15, 2009 12:22 pm

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