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How I Got My Groove Back…..

June 11, 2009

These are my kids – Meet Pixie:


and Boy Wonder:


I love my kids – they are amazing and fun and full of life. They are also, to put it bluntly, exhausting. They don’t mean to be, I’m certain. Kids have similar life-draining traits that they universally share and mine are no exception. I always love them, but sometimes it gets a little bit harder to  like enjoy them after repeating the same thing eleventy-hundred times. I swear sometime I could record myself saying a handful of things and just play it on an endless loop and they would never know.

“Pick up your dirty clothes off the bathroom floor” “Come help clear the table” “You can’t hide in the bathroom EVERY time there is something to do around here” “Did you SERIOUSLY wipe boogers ON YOUR WALL?”…you get the picture. If you have children, I’m sure you repeat these and other amusing statements multiple times each day as well.

I’m a good mom, but I’m not as fun as I used to be before I had children. I don’t know if it’s possible to be your carefree, spontaneous former self when you are bogged down with all the responsibilities of raising and molding small people into responsible adults. The process sort of…sucks the fun out of you.

We live in a different state from both of my husband’s sets of parents. For them to spend any degree of quality time alone with the kids involves a trip and some planning. Since we are somewhat short on vacation time and planning to go back and visit for Christmas, a summer trip just wasn’t in the cards for hubs and I. The kids and the grandparents, however, all had ample time off in the summer and slowly a plan started forming that has become one of the most highly-anticipated experiences of my year!

As we speak, my children are hundreds of miles away in another state. They have been gone for almost 5 days. They will not return for another 10. If you are doing the math in your head, you will have already figured out that this means slightly over TWO WEEKS alone at home with my husband and no kids. TWO WEEKS! I’m still a little bit awe-struck by it.

In the past few days I have read an entire novel in one sitting, I have eaten pancakes for dinner at 8pm, I have gone out to dinner with my husband and received a late Mother’s Day pedicure….on a Tuesday night. Seriously, a Tuesday! Normally on a Tuesday evening I would be up to my ears in homework and dinner cleanup and showers and bedtimes….instead I was sitting in a spa with gentle music and fountains splashing while somebody rubbed my feet and the hubs browsed a few doors down at Barnes and Noble. This is unheard of luxury to us.

I’m still amazed at the unbelievable quiet in my home. It would seem that the two smaller people are not only the source of most of the noise around here, but they are also the source of almost ALL of the clutter and mess. My house is clean, my laundry is not piled up, and everything is quiet.  The only fly in the ointment for us is that we still have to work during the day. If we could get out of that, life would be pretty much perfect!

I’ve realized that I’m still spontaneous and still fun…I just don’t let that girl out much these days. I fill my days and nights with all the things that make a home run smoothly and mold those kids into responsible adults. This doesn’t leave much time for the fun me.

All this is changing for the next 10 days, however. I’m getting my groove back. I’m claiming my fun self, and I’m remembering what it was like to just be me. I’m sure in a few days or a week I’ll miss my kids like crazy and I will be so happy when they come home, but for right now I’m just enjoying the silence and the freedom!


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